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Disneyland Hotel

Abbey Riggs 

Spring 2020



I served as a Guest Services Assistant at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. My role entailed quite a bit. Responsible mainly for check-ins at the resort, I also served as a concierge of sorts, assisting guests with any and all transportation needs, as well as booking reservations for dining, character breakfasts, cabana rentals, etc. I also was responsible for "making the magic", whether that be celebrating a family's first visit to Disneyland  with "1st Visit" buttons, sending a birthday gift up to hotel room, or making a situation right by offering dining vouchers to an unhappy guest. The role required constant standing, working well and efficiently in a fast-paced environment, and maintaining poise and friendliness under stressful work conditions. Qualifications for this particular role included being a participant in the Disney College Program. Although there are Guests Services Assistants at the Disneyland Hotel who are not part of this program, the capacity in which I served required this membership.



There are so many wonderful benefits in both the Guest Services role and also in the Disney College Program in general. Besides the resume boost it provides and the rich career experience gained, luxurious ad convenient housing is provided for a cheap $165 per week, with all utilities included. Free admission to the Disney Parks is included, along with amazing rates for family and friends. There are many classroom-style opportunities to brush up on interviewing skills, learn leadership techniques, and gain wise money sense.





A one day class that dove deep into the history of the Walt Disney Company and its values. We took a backstage tour of Disneyland and developed our own goals for how we want to leave an impact on our guests!

Step into the Magic


Another one day class that taught all Walt Disney Company workplace policies and safety procedures in order for us to be successful cast members in the company. We also discussed guest relations and practiced impromptu guest interactions in the park!

Global Lodging Training


3 day intensive training course led by Disney hospitality experts and specifically only for cast members working at the hotels at Disneyland. We toured each of the 3 hotels, learned about guest recovery, making magical moments, leaving a great impression, and thinking outside the box to promote a safe and welcoming environment. 

Performance Evaluation


On-the-job training was brutal but so helpful! I had the best trainers who balanced step-by-step teaching with being thrown in the deep end and learning by experience. On the 8th day, I had  a performance evaluation that lasted 8.5 hours and tested my knowledge on front desk, concierge, and lobby greeter positions. I passed with soaring colors!

4 Keys


I had the privilege of receiving a "4 Keys" compliment from a guest. She had unfortunately lost her credit card and her phone had died. I helped her print boarding passes and called locations at the resort to search for her credit card. She came back the next day and hugged me and gave me a 4 Keys - which signifies Disney's 4 Keys of success: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency! It was a great honor!

Leadership Series

Although unable to complete this insightful series because of COVID-19, I had the great privilege of being able to learn invaluable tips on leadership in the workplace, different leadership styles, and how to work with all types of leaders!  This series was taught in a classroom setting and was led by our Disney College Program director who was more than qualified and gave us amazing insight from her own personal experiences with the company.




(from left to right, clockwise)

1st photo: Our global lodging training class!

2nd photo: After being laid off, our sweet staff still allowed me along with some of my dearest college program participants to swing by the front desk to grab pictures and complimentary nachos!

3rd photo: Unable to take pics at work because of legal issues within the Disney company, I was able to snag a photo of me in my Disneyland Hotel costume!

4th photo: Earning my "ears" at the end of Traditions. These were presented to me by Mickey Mouse himself!

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